About QueerBlackVoices

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QueerBlackVoices was created to help raise the visibility and solidarity of Black people of color who openly identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. Embracing the culturally rich tradition of communal storytelling, QueerBlackVoices is a platform dedicated to the collection and distribution of biographical narratives from out and proud Black, queer-identified people of the African diaspora. Through this work QueerBlackVoices aims to increase exposure to the many forms of queer Black identity, heighten awareness of queer Black life and love experiences, and strengthen supportive connections within the diverse queer Black community.

QueerBlackVoices makes every effort to honor the many dimensions of queerness by avoiding strict, regulatory categorizations of LGBTQIA+ identity. “Queer” is broadly defined as any self-proclaimed identity that challenges mainstream conformity to institutional, cisgender-hetero-normative expectations of gender expression, biological sex, and/or sexual orientation. The term “queer” is not meant to erase identity, but to embrace identity. Rather than being a replacement for each significant LGBTQIA+ label, QueerBlackVoices consciously uses “queer” as a dynamic umbrella term that is inclusive of the multitude of ever-evolving ways of being that differ from the binary status quo. And because queer identity is largely represented by and seen through the narrow, oppressive lens of White culture, QueerBlackVoices focuses on articulating the intersectionality of being both queer and Black in order to broaden the representations of queer people of color and to disrupt the assumption that queerness is solely the domain of Whiteness.

Committed to the celebration of Black LGBTQIA+ identity, the ultimate goal of QueerBlackVoices is to create an online central archive that honors authentic and powerful representations of the queer Black experience. From maturing youth seeking validation as they come into their queerness to mature adults seeking encouragement to “come out of the closet,” whether trying to better understand a loved one or growing to fully understand oneself, QueerBlackVoices strives to affirm, inspire, inform, and transform people across the globe as part of the greater movement toward progressive social change.